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jan 16th - no seats available 

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Friday, January 16th          10:00 am - 4:30 pm          $399 Pricing


Northwestern University        Evanston IL Campus


Daphne D. Mazarakis

Business Executive, Entrepreneur & Instructor, Thinking Within

Joseph J. Holtgreive

Educator, Assistant Dean, and Director at Northwestern University


Custom Events

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“Pandora's box has been opened. Daphne and Joe presented concepts, frameworks, and processes that I can begin to implement now. Valuable and life-changing.”

– Maria V., President SilverEdge Software 

“You cannot walk away from Thinking Within™ without new insights and a deeper understanding of the brain, yourself and others. The program challenged me to look deeper at my conversations and connections with people and the impact they have on my intended outcomes.”

- Elizabeth Cooley, Executive Assistant, Honor Finance

“Thinking Within's course teaches complex brain science in an easy to understand format. The wisdom shared, coupled with participant exercises in class and out in the real world, show participants how to bring out their best and most natural leadership talents.  From that state, participants are unleashed to produce extraordinary results and enjoy themselves along the way!”

-Gina Marotta, Founder of Finding Your Genius professional development programming

“Thinking Within™ gave me a framework for self management, which has helped me face the storms of my business with greater equanimity.”

- Kathy Nyquist, Founder & Principal, New Venture Advisors

“Thinking Within™ was the perfect chance to reflect and recharge. The mindfulness practices taught can make all the difference when faced with conflict, information, and decisions targeting us from all directions.”

-Lynn Cohn, Director of the Center on Negotiation and Mediation, Northwestern School of Law

“I truly believe that if Thinking Within’s concepts and practices can be implemented, we would dramatically improve our American corporate landscape.”

– Colin Cody, President at Cody Enterprises

“Thinking Within™ provided me with invaluable teachings and practical, science-backed techniques to improve my performance at work.”

– Anthony Mianecki, Account Manager at Performics

“Thinking Within's material is rich enough to impact the trajectory of your professional career. This course will give you a framework for operating at a more effective level in business and life.”

– Christine Kurban, CEO Sync360

"Thinking Within™ helped me realize how self awareness can lead to greater success and profits within my company. It uncovered the link between personal well-being and professional success.”

- Laurel Rundle, Co-Founder Aha Marketing

"Thinking Within™ taught me how attention training & mindfulness can be transformative practices in business."

- Ytasha Womack, Futurist/Author/Filmmaker

"The aspect of my life that has been the most enjoyably affected by Thinking Within is the interaction with my oldest daughter. We continue practicing mindfulness techniques in the morning, before the rush of the day begins. It's a perfect start to the day and gives us a common language tool to handle things that come up as the day unfolds."

- Mark Ringo, Photographer

Menu of Offerings

  • 101: Mindfulness Fundamentals
  • 102: Mindfulness & Communication
  • 103: Mindfulness & Innovation
  • Custom Programming Available

(101 is a prerequisite to 102 and 103)


Create high-performing, mindful leaders. 

  • Increase focus
  • Develop greater awareness of self and others
  • Increase individual empowerment, leadership and engagement
  • Reduce stress and stress-related issues
  • Improve overall wellbeing
  • Increase quality of and speed to innovation
  • Improve communications 


Existing and high-potential leaders.


Mindfulness is our competitive advantage. We start by training the mind for greater awareness, cognitive ability, and intention as a foundation for improved performance, leadership, and wellbeing.

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